Stress…the Silent Killer

An epidemic

Research shows that chronic stress is an epidemic here in the U.S. for EVERYONE. No one is immune to it, even our kids. Stress also comes in many different forms. It may be from your relationships, your job, family, finances and even your environment!


Work stress

Everyone can relate to stress at work. Why? Ninety-four percent of all working-age people say they experience stress related to their job. This kind of stress not only affects our professional and personal relationships it also attacks our extremely important immune system, it alters our moods and causes many other physical illnesses and diseases that you can’t see.


Take care of yourself, FIRST

We all know the obvious, right? That being making sure you are taking care of you, FIRST. Pretty simple, yet most people are generally not doing the obvious.


Here are a few simple tips to become more stress resilient.

  • Pay attention to what you are feeding your body. It’s important to stay away from refined sugars, fried foods, sodas, artificial products and processed foods.
  • Increase your intake of nutrient dense foods which are full of antioxidants—add lots of dark leafy greens, fermented foods, berries, wild-caught fish & organic proteins. Drink LOTS of water.
  • Get your body moving. You don’t have to start with an hour in the gym, but start with little changes. Small changes to your daily habits are more sustainable, like taking the stairs instead of elevator. Walk around your building or go to the park. Be active every day—it’s super important.
  • Sleep—get quality sleep. This means, putting down the devices and shutting off the TV. Blue light stimulation before bed actually suppresses your body’s production of melatonin. Our bodies really do need 7-8 hours of quality sleep in order for you to actually feel refreshed in the morning.
  • Meditation and breathing exercises are also great ways to calm your mind and your body. You can start this practice with less than 5 minutes per day. And, I encourage it throughout the day, as needed.



Stress is a reality in our lives

Our “everyday” stress is compounded by seasonal stress at this time of year. Control what you can, where you can. Embrace J.O.M.O. (joy of missing out) with enthusiasm. 


Pam Brill is a Wellness Partner with Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company. She is a life-long “healthish” health nut & entrepreneur, helping people live well again.

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