FREE Inflammation Workshop – The Body’s Warning Sign

Date and Time

Wed, February 19, 2020

6:15 PM – 7:15 PM EST


True Health Center

10215 Hickorywood Hill Avenue

#Suite A

Huntersville, NC 28078

Inflammation is often referred to by doctors as the silent killer. Come learn how to re-write your health journey.

About this Event

Inflammation is involved in at least 8 of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States today.

Inflammation is known as the “silent killer.”

You might be impacted by inflammation if you’ve experienced:

???? Aching joints

???? Swelling and bloating

????Feeling unwell or fatigued

???? Having trouble concentrating and thinking quickly

???? Skin issues, like rashes

???? Stomach pain

???? And more

Inflammation… you hear the term a lot, but really…what is it?

◾️What is going on in the body when something gets inflamed?

◾️ Is inflammation the root of your illness?

◾️How harmful is chronic inflammation?

◾️ How do you correct the problem naturally?

Stop shrugging it off and sweeping it under the rug!… Join Dr. Lonnie Bagwell as he reveals a completely different approach to medicine! True Health Center utilizes a truly natural way to address inflammation.

We would love the opportunity to show you a different way…a unique way of approaching your health conditions and symptoms that has helped countless people feel better, think better, and be better – helping them re-write their life story!

Say goodbye to addictive medications ????????????

Say hello to a happier and healthier life. ????


This event will be presented by Dr. Lonnie Bagwell.


Saturday, February 15 at 9 AM


You MUST pre-register online for this event!

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