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Lake Norman Integrative Wellness

We treat patients with chronic autoimmune and metabolic health problems. Many of our patients’ have compromised immune systems and we have been fielding many questions about the Coronavirus.


How does COVID-19 differ from other coronavirus strains?

I have seen strains of the Coronavirus show up in the past as a viral infection similar to getting the flu, however the COVID-19 strain does seem to be stronger and does possibly have a longer incubation period, allowing more people to be infected.


What we are doing to protect our patients

In our clinic we are taking every precaution to ensure patients who come in contact with coronavirus don’t spread it to other patients or our staff. We sanitize every therapy and treatment between each patient and offer extra protection for our staff and patients to minimize the spread of any disease.


What you can do to protect yourself

There are many things that you can do to help improve your immune system and help to prevent infection from these viruses. In fact, these simple steps can protect you, your loved ones and friends and can even help to improve your overall health!


Immune support

Most importantly, you can add in immune support such as Vitamin D3, N-Acetyl Cysteine and Glutathione. Contact our office or your doctor for how to get dosing and brands for these (3) products.


Liposomal vitamin C

Additionally, many patients would benefit from liposomal vitamin C in higher doses. I have seen news reports of intravenous vitamin C being used in China and elsewhere, and liposomal vitamin C is just as effective in most cases as IV vitamin C.


Adding in a good spore-based probiotic can help to improve your immune system’s natural defenses, including increasing your Natural Killer cells (NK Cells) which are your immune system’s soldiers.


Remember, the healthier your body is, the easier it can help defend you from sickness that comes your way!


Diet and nutrition

Last but not least one of the largest recommendations I can give you is to clean up your diet. If you are a patient of ours, go back on your Phase 1 Autoimmune diet recommendations you received when you started care.


If you are not a current patient, consider starting a paleo or AIP diet at this time. Make sure you eat a diversity in foods, especially a wide range of vegetables.


I hope these tips will help you feel more comfortable about improving your chances against this virus and reduce your fears associated with infection.


Dr. Akiba J. Green
Doctor of Natural Medicine
Fellowship, Integrative Cancer Therapy
Board Certified, Anti-Aging Medicine
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner






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