Great News about Aging, Wellness and Health

I can’t keep more candles from appearing on your birthday cake every year. I CAN help you reduce biological aging which is essentially your physical age. It’s caused by cellular “wear and tear” caused by poor lifestyle choices.

The aging you see and feel, is the expression of billions of cells slowly dying from oxidation and inflammation. Science has proven that you can reverse this and become younger biologically. There’s no cure for aging but you can in effect make yourself younger by practicing a few simple lifestyle modifications.


“Medicines cannot drug away the cellular defects that develop in response to improper nutrition throughout life.”  — Joel Fuhrman


The foundation of health

Nutrition and diet are the foundation of health. No lifestyle modification, including physical activity/exercise will overcome a poor diet. Food should be fresh and as close to its natural state as possible.


What should I eat?

Fruits and vegetables should form the basis of your diet. Lean proteins and healthy fats follow. Studies show that those who consume a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables experience significantly less disease and poor health.

It’s just as important to avoid foods that damage the body like simple carbohydrates (sugars), unnatural (fake) sugars, modified fats (e.g. margarine), and harmful preservatives.


Physical activity is still important

The benefits of physical activity include maintaining healthy body weight, mobility, mood enhancement, and mental sharpness. Hiking, biking, bowling, walking, golf, shuffleboard — I don’t care what you do, just don’t fall into the “inactive” lifestyle trap.

Planned exercise is a great addition to an active lifestyle. Add it when you’re ready. Right now, I’m talking simply about the outstanding health benefits of being active.


“Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”
— Hans Selye


Negativity and stress

Cause significant health problems while speeding up the aging process. Stress and especially anxiety are major contributors to the destructive oxidative and inflammatory load placed on the body. Positive people appear to be less prone to illness, mental decline, and lead happier lives. A positive outlook on aging, and life in general, may be as important to successful aging as any other factor.


Remember, age is just a number!


Wayne Coolidge, Jr., M.Ed., CHES is an author, speaker, and innovative Health Promotion Scholar-Practitioner. He owns Wayne Coolidge Health Promotion, a consulting firm specializing in healthy aging, nutrition, nutritional supplementation, fat loss, fitness, and disease prevention. His expertise is designing lifestyle-optimization strategies leading to positive genetic expression, controlled cellular aging, health, and wellness. He has accumulated more than 31,000 hours of one-on-one training and personal consultation experience over a 37-year career. Wayne’s web site You can email him at


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