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The Coronavirus quarantine

We live in North Carolina but we are originally from New York. My husband and I grew up in Queens where COVID-19 is taking over.  I am heartbroken watching my beloved hometown being ravaged by this virus. I am very worried for my family and friends that live in NY.  This is something we have never lived through and it is shocking, scary and unreal. With that being said, I can not let my fears and worries take over. We are being safe, following the guidelines and reconnecting with family and friends. I urge you to do the same. Have a happy hour with friends and family on Zoom or FaceTime. If you don’t have access to that, call them. Pray, even if you are not religious, pray. Pray to whatever God you believe in because there is power in prayer. This is a time to reflect on our lives and reconnect with the true meaning of life. These are scary times but we are not hopeless or helpless.


The usual precautions

By now, we all know the recommendations about coughing into elbows, washing hands often, not touching your face, staying at least 3 – 6 feet apart and STAYING HOME especially if you are feeling sick. I hope you are all practicing these techniques to prevent yourself and others from getting sick.


Best practices to boost your immunity

I would like to share some recommendations with you to boost your immunity. In the event that you do get COVID-19, your immune system can better fight it off.

Healthful Tips

  • No smoking.
  • Get adequate sleep, 7-9 hours/night.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation. 




  • Increase fruit & veggie intake. (This includes frozen)
  • Drink honey, lemon, ginger and turmeric with warm water daily.
  • Increase your intake of garlic & ginger.
  • Eat fermented foods, good yogurt or kefir for a healthy dose of probiotics.
  • Drink bone broth and green tea. My bone broth recipe here:



Stress Reducing

  • Meditate 15 minutes per day to reduce stress. (Guided meditations here.)
  • Laugh often, as it reduces stress. 
  • Get outside and soak up the sun if you can do this safely.



  • Exercise 10 minutes per day*


*Exercise you can do at home in 10 minutes or less without equipment 

Alternate each day with a lower body, core or upper body workout. For lower body pick squats or lunges. Complete each of the 7 exercises for 45 seconds straight and then rest for 15 seconds before starting the next. Do the same with the core exercises and upper body workouts. Remember to go at your own pace. 


Other things to consider …

  • Create a routine, especially for your children. Get up, make your bed, get dressed and make a schedule for work and homeschooling. 
  • Schedule play/recreation time for your children as a break from their schooling.
  • Schedule a break for yourself as well. You will need this to stay sane, I know I do!
  • Get outside, if possible. I am aware that people in the city may not be able to do this as easily but please try to go for a walk daily and get some fresh air. 
  • When you need to go out, practice social distancing, do not touch your face at all, disinfect your hands with sanitizer or soap and water. When you come home put your clothes in the wash, shower, use alcohol to swab inside your nose, and gargle with warm salt water. 
  • Have your groceries, prescriptions, etc., delivered or drive up to pick up. Wash fruits and veggie in the sink, wipe down other products with lysol or lysol wipes before storing. Discard bags and then disinfect surfaces you used.
  • Stay calm, don’t panic! Be smart and considerate! WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!


Anita Wallak is a Registered & Licensed Dietitian. She has her master’s degree in nutrition and has worked in the field for 20 years. She is a member of Dietitians of Integrative & Functional Medicine and a member of The American Dietetic Association. Anita is a wife, mother of two, and on a mission to end the “business” of dieting. She offers permanent solutions to the dieting rollercoaster.




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