LKNConnect’s Health and Wellness Center

Focuses on community and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Information on Medical Care, Fitness, Exercise, Wellness, Nutrition and Self-Care can all be found in the LKNConnect Health and Wellness Center.  Are you looking for a preferred Doctor in any given field? Use the Health & Wellness Directory.

The Mission of LKNConnect is to bring the community closer together, develop better community relationships and improve the quality of life for everyone in the Lake Norman Area.

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Our Team

Dr. Douglas Fitzgerald
Founder, CEO LKNConnect

Educator, Musician, Professor, Organizational Mgmt, Social Change – Committed to helping others reach their full potential.

David Beard
Chief Operating Officer

David’s “happy place” is spending quality time with Karen, his wife of 42 years. He has a passion for helping people and enjoys playing music in various groups at his church.

Kathy Lawrence
Director of Health and Wellness

Susan Apple
Health and Wellness Coordinator

I am a Registered Nurse from NJ with 40 years of experience caring for newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.I was in a leadership role for 30 years before retiring in 2018.North Carolina is my new home, where I work part time in a Rehab Center,and I love all that Lake Norman has to offer.

Ellen Stafford
Managing Editor

Editor, writer, designer. My passion is communication whether it’s conversation with friends or interviewing members the Lake Norman community. I love to listen to people’s stories.

Jodi Fitzgerald, RN, JD
Health and Legal Consultant

John McHugh
Photographer and IT Consultant

Christian Burns
Advisory Board Member (CFP)

My family and I are Disney enthusiasts, I enjoy spending time at the lake or in the mountains with my family.

Margi Kyle, IDS, ASID, CCC, DCI
Non-Profit Consultant Writer/Designer

Dr. Daniel Breault
Advisory Board

Wisconsin native who loves all things Wisconsin, sports, and red wine.

Dr. Meghan Gregory, DC, BS.
Health and Sales Associate

Sharyn Brunk
Advisory Board Member (IT)

Corporate gal now using sales and management expertise to guide you in purchasing a home (you need a negotiator on your side!).

Julie Alexander
Advisory Board

Wellness advocate, science nerd, and drumming enthusiast. I love helping people build their self-care savvy!

Jesse Jones

Head of the Business Law Team at The McIntosh Law Firm in Davidson. Passionate about all things Lake Norman.

Jesse Mancuso
Business Development

Natalie R. Ramos
Sales Associate

I am from the lovely Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. I enjoy freelance writing, journalism, reporting, singing, broadcasting, photography, and spoken word poetry. I have published a book of poetry and I also operate the online Beautiful Dreamer Variety Store.

Meghan Reilly
Graphic Artist