Healing Colors

Why do your color preferences change?

Because you are changing!




Subconsciously when we go through a major change in life, our colors change as well. All 12 colors have a vibration that helps us go through difficult times.




Here is an example: when we decided to move from Canada to North Carolina. I didn’t want to move, leave my children, career, etc. I felt lost and had to believe in my potential. This color palette helped me to do just that.


Magenta = Inspire It

I had to get inspired and really didn’t like Magenta.


Teal = Believe it

I had to believe it was a good move for us for many reasons.


Gold = Play it

Because I am a workaholic — I needed to learn how to play. What better place that at Lake Norman!


When your Primary colors change (Red-Yellow-Blue) your motivators change. You may have lost your job or changed your career. Find out what your primary colors are in Margi’s article, Embrace “Hue” You Are: Primary Colors.


When your Secondary colors change (Orange-Green-Purple) your relationships change. You may have lost a partner, gone through a divorce, or lost a child. Find out what your secondary colors are in Margi’s article, Embrace “Hue” You Are: Secondary Colors.


When your Achromatic Colors Change (White-Brown-Black) your core being changes. You maybe questioning yourself. Find out what your achromatic colors are in Margi’s article, Embrace “Hue” You Are: Achromatic Colors.


Your last 4 colors are your repressed feelings.


Use them in spaces where you need to relax and unwind from a busy day. These colors are representative of the “emotional” you. Look at your 4 least favorite colors and their meaning. Work them into your décor and see what changes in your life.



Yellow: focused and headstrong — when you want something, others had better get out of your way. Your sense of urgency requires an answer — sometimes before you know the facts.

Blue: you see different ways of deciphering situations. You are a fair critic. You are great at categorizing what is most helpful — setting standards and judging peoples’ performances.

Red: analyzes your thoughts before you speak. This gives you the ability to articulate how you feel with great depth. Therefore, when you speak, others listen. You are the confidant.

Green: you become lost and must decide what you want. Your independence is admirable, but it’s okay to ask for help. Be more selfish. Every person must take care of him or herself — even you.

Purple: you are very logical. Facts come before feelings. You disregard emotions to get a more precise view of the people and situations around you. Your methodical personality is calming.

Orange: you are open to the world. When you feel good, your naïve approach to life can charm even the most jaded. You’re concerned, considerate and hard working. Pleasing others motivates you.

Lime Green: you avoid asking what is missing. New adventures seem to appear. Honor your forbidden thoughts. They are clues to exciting new paths that you need to follow.

Red-Orange: you give unselfish devotion, forgetting yourself. Honor who you are, not who you think you need to be. You will feel the true warmth and beauty inside of yourself and a lot more love.

Indigo: you avoid making plans. You can find yourself all of a sudden immersed in someone else’s orchestrated future. Visualize what you want. Say you will do it. Success will be yours.

Magenta: you have fun impulsively starting new things. New adventures suddenly seem to appear. Be more trusting, less Skeptical, and logically decide where to take risk. You’ll become inspired.

Teal: you work very hard to be important. Listen for the specifics required to accomplish your dream. You’ll become more optimistic, less doubtful, and appreciate your personal victories.

Gold: you need to have fun. Too often you find yourself immersed in someone else’s passionate adventure — not your own. Create downtime so you can discover your own fun.


Your color likes and dislikes can change as you change and grow. Enjoy!


Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio

For over 45 years, Margi Kyle, “The Color Doctor”, has built an astounding portfolio from the ever-important ‘Designer’s perspective’. Never idle, this professional interior designer has contributed to this industry as an interior designer, television host, mentor, keynote speaker, educator, and writer. Margi has taught interior design for over 45 years and is the executive director for We Make Color Easy, The Dewey Color System. You can book a seminar or color course with her by emailing her at DesigningDr@gmail.com.


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